365 Self-Portrait Photo Challenge – Day 1

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Be prepared to get really sick of seeing this face.

Over the next 365 days I will be taking and posting a conceptual self portrait each and every day.

Each day will be a new concept portraying myself as or in some sort of persona, emotion or situation.

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Please feel free to send me any ideas you would like to see. It would be great to incorporate your ideas into the images.


Today is Day 1 – That awkward moment when you know you shouldn’t laugh.

The part of your brain that always seems to find the worst of times to find something funny. You may seem like a complete lunatic but just let it out! Things were already awkward…

 “Ford Prefect suppressed a little giggle of evil satisfaction, realized that he had no reason to suppress it, and laughed out loud, a wicked laugh.”

Douglas Adams, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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