“WOW! Jonathan has managed to create the perfect logo for me. He is an exceptional designer and has translated exactly what was in my minds eye onto paper. It’s difficult when you have an image in your mind as you want to give the designer the creative space to do what they want to and it must be hard for the designer working to an ever tightening brief.

What Jon was able to do really well was to guide me, give me the choices and to collaborative with him so that the end product was exactly what I wanted.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of a logo and totally feels like it’s my creation, despite all the talent being Jon’s!
Jon already has loads of book cover and logo designs under his belt, something that many designers of his young years can only hope for. He is an emerging star! so watch this space! I highly recommend him for all aspects of creation and design even though part of me wants to keep him for myself so that he can bring all my mental images to life!”

Phone Genius – Michelle Mills-Porter – MD




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“Jon has produced over 50 designs for us – including book covers, web images, graphics and drawings. The feedback we have had is teh best recommendation I can give – it has been awesome. So good that we have introduced Jon to some of our Clients, and again the results and feedback have been of the highest order. I dont trust many people to work with my Clients – but I recommend Jon first time every time… 
If you want a truly creative approach to developing your brand, image or identity – give him a call…”

Results Rules OK – David Holland MBA – Owner




Neil Brown Handyman Renovations


“Jonathan really managed to understand what I wanted from my random ramblings and translated what I had in my mind into a fantastic logo. It’s as though he is a mind reader!! 

Once I had decided from several ideas he offered, he quickly refined the original idea to get my final new logo delivered, along with the design for my business cards. 
Can’t wait to get the logo printed onto marketing material, clothing, vehicles – just about everywhere. Once the vehicles are logo’d, I won’t want to drive them. Cannot see the logo from the inside! 
Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jon. Future requirements will be going his way – no question”

Neil Brown Handyman Renovations – Neil Brown – Owner