In 2012, FRESH started as an idea between two blokes on a car journey from Liverpool to Worcester.

From this conversation spawned the first FRESH Start Conference in 2013, with no budget and no experience but driven by a passion for an industry that we just wanted to succeed and be seen as a profession and not an industry.

2014 saw us double the delegates at the Conference, help create National Awards, (the Golden L’s), a business driven podcast, business coaching Workshops and release our first book.

FRESH ETC (Education, training and conferences), led by Marc Ford ADI, has a vision of adding value through the design and delivery of the best knowledge based experiences and resources we can offer to ADI’s and Bike Trainers, helping them grow personally and professionally and become leading lights in making our field of expertise profitable, resilient and professional.

  • Project Type : Website Design
  • Programs Used : Adobe Photoshop, Wordpress, Dreamweaver
  • Client : Fresh IDEAS TV
  • Project Year : 2014
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